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The new build Thermohouse is progressing well and we are hoping to have the main roof finished this week - we will then wait for the scaffolding to come down before progressing with the flat roofs and the lead canopy roofs.

Frosty mornings but at least the Sun comes out in the afternoon. Got the roof stripped today in Twickenham ready to insulate to Part L regulations.

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Busy week ahead means Sunday planning- Job sheets, material purchase orders, Cdms, registration of works with Competent roofer to comply with building control regulations, all this needs to be completed to ensure a smooth and effective system for completion of your works program.

Busy start back for 2020. We have a Slate Reroof over in Egham well underway and this rear extension roof which was originally built with the incorrect tiles for the pitch.

Phew...Friday again! Although it’s only been a 4 day week. All the work programs have been going well and we are drawing towards the end of the new build first phase.

Winter working - amazing sunrises and sunsets - not so much of a fan of frosty mornings. December is a short working month so all the guys are working hard to complete the months work ready for the Christmas break.

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Happy Tuesday, after a rested bank holiday weekend.

We are back at Staines to finish the re roof in mini Stonewold tiles.

Nice Sunny but cold day to start this Slate re-roof in Addlestone.

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As we grow we remain a family business! This means no matter how much we say It’s Sunday ”no work talk today” we somehow always get on the subject!!

Oh my goodness how much rain! Today was certainly a test! Our team were once again outstanding !!

Re-roof under way in Staines today. This roof is being is being undertaken in conjunction with other works to the property to make use of the scaffolding. Managing the project so that all the different trades on site work well together is important to provide a seamless service.

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We are half way through September! How did that happen?!?

This month our year one apprentices went for their first block learning at Leeds College of Building. Year two will be joining them next week.

To catch up on our work program we needed Saturday teams in Feltham on the the reroof but also in Walton to complete the final stages of this reroof.

June and Julys rain has provided us with diary challenges. Having an adaptable team is important.

Wishing our Year one apprentices good luck on their first block training in Leeds. Next week our Year twos join them to continue their NVQS. Good luck lads!!

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Still trying to catch up from the rain means Saturday working for our lads in Feltham completing the re roof in Redland 49 tiles in smooth grey. Grey tiles are very popular and the provide a very modern finish.

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