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We have created a glossary of roofing terms. All our quotes are fully detailed and you can always call us if you are unsure of any terms. From our glossary what would you guess this section of the roof to be??

The highest part of the roof where two different slopes meet on a flat plane is called the ridge. Special tiles called ridge tiles provide a form of capping – curved or angled – to stop rain entering, these tiles have to be fitted to BS5534

A hip is the same as a ridge, but on a lower, sloping part of the roof. Again, special hip tiles provide a capping between the two angled tiles.

A valley is the V-shape at the bottom of where two roof slopes meet.

The pitch is the angle of the roof slope.

The (usually) lead cover that overlaps the junction of a vertical wall, chimney or dormer with the roof itself, preventing water getting in the gap.

The solid bit of wall that is on the same level as the pitched roof is called the gable, or gable end.

A verge describes the edge of a sloping roof as it means a gable end.

The eaves are the underhanging element of where the roof meets the walls.

Soffits bridge the gap between the top of the wall and the underside of the roof.

Otherwise know and bargeboard, fascia’s provide a decorative solution in covering the point at which the wall and roof intersects – they also have a practical function in carrying the guttering and can be wooden or PVC.

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