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We often get asked “how can we be reassured we are choosing a good contractor” so we have put together some tips that we hope helps.

1. Just because contractors are displaying a logo on the website doesn’t mean that they are accredited to that association- go directly to the website that they claim to be accredited to and search for the contractor.

2. Public liability insurance - any reputable contractor will be able to provide you with details of their public liability insurance

3. Payment terms- do not accept a cash payment deposit.

4. Written estimates are important it gives you a clear record of what is expected . Any variations to this need to be put In writing.

5. Building control - not all projects will need building control but where this is needed it is important the contractor makes the homeowner aware of their responsibilities

6. The right to cancel - all contractors should Insure you have been provided the right to cancel. if your works have to be completed during your 14 day right to cancel you have the option to wavier your rights to allow work to commence.



Are all the logos on the website valid ✅

Are they asking for cash payments upfront ❎

Have they provided you with proof of public liability insurance ✅

Have you been given a written estimate and once accepted, your right to cancel ✅

Have they made you aware of building control regulations ✅

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